Thursday, February 1, 2018

Christmas Socks...a little late.

 In the two weeks leading up to Christmas I decided that I HAD to knit socks for the kids to have on Christmas morning. Normally, not an issue...if I had planned a month in advance. Instead, I tried to knit three pairs of socks while doing the regular kids/school/house/life of everyday, PLUS the added extras of the holidays looming. I managed to get Gavin's done (the red pair) and started Irene's. I was still knitting Irene's on the Saturday before Christmas. We were in the car driving out of town to have early christmas with my family and I was frantically trying to knit as fast as possible.
 I finally admitted that the kids didn't NEED socks for Christmas. The holiday would still happen and still be great without knitwear. I did get Irene's socks finished Christmas Day, but Henry's socks didn't even get started until well into January.
They all have socks from me and they all love them. That's the important part. And next year, I'll plan much better....hahahhahaha!

The yarn is Premier Yarns Wool-Free Sock Stripes. Apparently, I bought it at the variety store here in town (according to the price tag) however, I have no recollection of doing that. Still, it seems like a good, hard-working yarn for the kids.

Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Knitting Christmas Socks

Three days ago I got it into my head that I needed to knit socks for the kids to have on Christmas morning. That's three pairs of socks in nine days. Basically, I have three days per pair of socks. Sure! I can do it!

In the picture you can see Gavin's finished socks, Irene's almost finished first sock, and the yarn for Henry's socks. Since taking that picture I did finish Irene's first sock. Still have to start the second.

I have a ridiculously bad headache right now. I am taking a coffee/blog break before casting on again.

Wednesday, December 13, 2017


 I just finished knitting socks for my brother. Peter has size 15 feet. It takes a lot of time and yarn to knit him a pair of socks. BUT. He loves them, always thanks me, and even asks for more. Makes him knit-worthy in my book!

Anyway, he asked for a particular shirt for x-mas. I got an awesome deal on the shirt, so I decided to knit matching socks. Also got an awesome deal on the yarn for the socks. I put the shirt away as soon as I bought it. Never bothered to check the color because I was 100% positive it was red.

Guess what happened next...

The damn shirt is a kind of muted burgundy color. Not red. Ahhhhh! The yarn even comes in a similar shade, but I was so sure that shirt was red. Soooo sure. Now, I do not have enough time to buy more yarn, have it shipped here, and knit socks that'll fit size 15 feet.

I'm hoping he'll appreciate red tweed socks.

In other, more happy, news I do have Irene's teacher gift ready to go. It is two hand knit wash cloths, lotion (which I LOVE), soap, and lip balm (which I also LOVE) from The Humblebee. From my older posts you know that the bus drivers are getting a small gift that includes the Humblebee lotion and lip balm. I love this stuff. Seriously, check it out HERE.

Saturday, December 9, 2017

Cards, Cards, and More Cards!

 Nineteen holiday cards so far! Every time I look over at them I smile. It is such a simple thing, but it makes me feel good.

I joined the holiday card swap in my lsg group on Ravelry. Each person on the list sent as many cards as they were able to the people below them on the list. There were a mix of countires, although the US had the most sign-ups. I sent to Canada, the UK, France, Germany. I wish I could have afforded more international postage because I would have sent out more.

The kids and I have had fun opening the cards and hanging them up. I think I am getting far more excitement out of it than they are though. I remember being young and my mom hanging all the christmas cards on the curved archway between the living room and family room. Perhaps that memory is why I love getting cards so much.

Here are some close ups of a few of the cards...
 Our group is very much a 'not safe for work' group and this card summed that up nicely! Our card swap did offer a 'family safe' option if needed.
 Santa from Hawaii! I liked getting a card that identified the state so easily.
 Canadian bears wearing sweaters! This card got everyone excited the most. We really love Canada in this house. Please adopt us, Canada!
 It's a knitting/crochet/fiber group, of course you gotta have sheep!
My hands are currently covered in glitter from opening and hanging up today's cards. I'm sparkly, dammit!

Friday, December 8, 2017

Little Gifts

It is no secret that I LOVE the lotion and other goodies from The Humblebee. The lotions and lip balms make perfect gifts for bus drivers/teachers/etc.

With the kids riding buses to school this year I wanted to put together a little gift to give the bus drivers. Humblebee lotion, lip balm and a $5 gift card to Tim Hortons made up the perfect gifts!

And yes, Irene's teacher is getting a slightly different version of this gift bag. Plus, my father and father-in-law are getting some lotion and lip balm as part of their gifts. And while I would love to hoard all the lotion for myself (seriously love this stuff on my eczema!) I also want to spread the love. Check out The Humblebee by clicking HERE!
I love holiday cards. I love to send them, I love to receive them. This year I got a terrific deal on cards from Amazon. I addressed them to family and friends and still had a lot left over. Then I just happened to be on Ravelry in my lsg group when the card swap forum started. I signed up right away! The card swap is a list of people willing to send out any kind of card to other people on the list. There is no 'set' number of cards you have to send out. You just send out as many as you can afford.

I sent mine out right after Thanksgiving. Then I bought holiday postcards and sent out more. Then I ended up having 4 stamps left so I bought an inexpensive pack of cards and sent out four more. I sent out cards to multiple states, several to Canada and the UK. Two went to France and I think one to Germany.

I wanted to send out more international cards, but I did have a set limit on what I could spend on postage. Next year I will start buying stamps and cards earlier!

Thursday, November 23, 2017

Hats and Neckwarmers

I like to knit hats for the kids each winter. I try to match the colors and designs to their winter jackets.

The yarn is the hard-working but soft Caron Simply Soft. I like this yarn for hats for my kids. It can take what they dish out and can be washed.

Henry's hat is Rib-a-Roni by Jane Tanner. It's a quick knit that is so easy to change up with colors.

Irene's hat is Quick Ombre Hat by Emily Dormier. Another fast knit that can be used with any color combo.

Gavin's hat is Owelette Hat by Taiga Hilliard Designs. This was the second time knitting this hat for Gavin. I made it years ago with shades of blue. He still wears that hat, but wanted another one this year to match his jacket. Such a cute design! Comes in multiple sizes, too.

The neckwarmers are all Ribby Neckwarmer by Tiennie. Very fast knit! Cast on 100 stitches and knit in rib for 40 rows for the bigger ones. Cast on 88 stitches and knit in rib for 30 rows for Gavin's.

Monday, November 20, 2017

With A Little Help From My Friends...

The last few months have been rather stressful. When I'm stressed I like to knit socks. I was knitting the last bit of sock yarn I had when I got a surprise package in the mail.

It had been a particularly bad week when I grabbed the mail. There was a small padded envelope addressed to me. The kids immediately knew it was yarn (squishy package!), but I wasn't expecting anything. I opened it and inside was this beautifully colored sock yarn. It was such a happy surprise, and came at a time when I really needed the pick-me-up, that I had to fight tears.

The wonderful Danielle, my first Ravelry friend, knitter that I emulate, and maker of awesome soaps/shampoos/lotions, knew that I could really use a bit of pretty in my life and sent the yarn.

I finished up the sock I was working on and cast on this new yarn. I LOVE it. It was easy to knit with and the finished project is perfect. So many colors coming through! Since I've finished these the week of Thanksgiving I shall wear them on Turkey Day.

Oh! The yarn is Pagewood Farm Hand Dyed Sock Yarn DENALI in the colorway Sky Blue Pink.

Also, you can check out Danielle's wonderful lotions, soaps, shampoo, conditioner, and lip balm by clicking HERE. I highly recommend them all!!!