Wednesday, September 22, 2010

A Lone Sock

My wonderful mother passed away very suddenly and unexpectedly on August 15th. Since then life has been...well, it's just been. My mother was my knitting guide. My grandma first taught me to knit but it was my mother that got my projects finished. She helped pick up stitches and she helped sew together the pieces. Without her I'm learning how to do these things without help. Basically, without her, I am learning to go on...alone. I miss her desperately. Awhile ago I wanted to knit socks. I had a simple pattern. My mom got me started on double pointed needles. Then she kind of took over the project. She ended up knitting the sock herself, not because I couldn't but she wanted to try the pattern. Great...except the finished sock was about 2 1/2 inches too long! Oh the laughs we had over that! She was going to shorten it as well as make the match. Unfortunately, she never got to.
So, now I have a lone sock. And a great memory that makes me smile. I'll keep this darn sock forever.