Thursday, November 1, 2012

Something for Me

 Back in the spring I had the chance to buy 4 skeins of Malabrigo Merino Worsted in the Hollyhock color. I had planned to make a specific wrap with it, but after really looking at the pattern and other finished projects I decided I really didn't like it. So the yarn spent many months waiting for an idea.

I never actually looked for a pattern for the yarn. One day I was going through my favorites on Ravelry and came across the Cabled Pocket Shawl. I decided to make it and was going to get some inexpensive yarn to do so. Then I remembered the Malabrigo. I had been saving it for something 'special' but realized that saving it was pointless. I needed to use that great yarn and use it for something that I would use frequently!

The shawl is made in two pieces. I knit the inside of the pockets first then started on the first side. What a great knit! Easy enough to watch tv while doing or to take it along in the car. The cable is easy and looks great. Adding the inside of the pocket was simple. I knitted the pattern repeat 22 times per side so 44 times total. To join the pieces I did the three needle bind off. I like the  way it looks and it really doesn't stand out. I know some people didn't like having the seam and some did a kitchener stitch to join them. I didn't care for how the ones with the kitchener seam looked so I stayed with the 3 needle bind off. The pockets had to be attached and the top to them knit. Not a big deal. I debated knitting the tops in seed stitch like borders of the shawl, but after checking out other projects I decided I liked the ribbed top.

I've worn this shawl several times. It is warm without being bulky and stays in place. I LOVE the pockets! I like sticking my hands in them as I walk and I like having a place to stick a tissue. I highly recommend it!