Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Another Skull and Crossbones?

I've been lazy about posting but I've also been knitting like crazy. And yes, I did just knit another Skull Illusion Scarf. Why? Because I am a dumba$$. First let me say that I was not completely thrilled with the first one I did. I only repeated the pattern twice then worked a ways in garter stitch while still alternating colors every two rows. While the garter stitch design would have worked on its own for a scarf I did not care for it withe the skull design. Plus I then had to knit the pattern "upside down" after the garter stitching so the skull would be facing the right way on the other end. Confusing? Yeah, so was my scarf.

Being lazy and yet still pleased with myself for finishing the scarf I decided not to start over. I planned to steam the scarf so it would lay flat. I put it on the ironing board and...proceeded to iron it. IRON it...not STEAM it. Yeah, the pattern went bye bye. Right now my official story is that subconsciously I knew I was unhappy with the scarf and so my subconscious just fixed the problem for me. I went on to try a couple of things to try and fix the ironing mess up. Let's just say the scarf ended with the velcro of two baby bibs stuck to it. And when pulled off it fuzzed up the yarn. Needless to say...I was going to be knitting a new scarf!

The new scarf gave me no end of troubles. I ran out of yarn and had to dissect the ruined scarf for yarn, this at 11:30 at night. Plus I made endless counting errors. And I needed to have finished it 5 days ago! Ugh.

I am not posting a picture of the new one. It the pattern looks just like the old one. Besides I am still being lazy and I don't want to get up to take the picture. Although to be fair, I am feeding the baby as I type this so I would be disturbing him as well.

My next project is a baby blanket that I should have started 5 days ago. I wanted to give myself a month to knit it (friend's baby shower is now less than a month away!).

And that is my knitting saga!