Wednesday, October 24, 2012

A Tale of Three Wedding Shawls

 My oldest friend, or rather the friend I've had the longest, recently got married. When I found out she was engaged I decided I was going to make her a wedding shawl. I rushed out with the idea in mind that I would make the Miami Beach Shawl by Vera Sanon. I got the Cascade Yarns Ultra Pima in white and set off. I picked this pattern because it had some lace on it, but not so much that I thought I couldn't get it done in time. I don't like to knit a lot of lace since I frequently get interrupted and stitches tend to fall off. I felt this pattern could be set aside fairly easy. Plus, this shawl could easily make the transition into being used as an everyday shawl. I did breeze through the pattern without any major mishaps and it was quickly sent to my friend.

Then my friend found her wedding dress. It was ivory, not white. Once again, I was looking for yarn and a pattern. My friend was very happy with the first shawl and was planning to use it, but I wanted something that would match her dress. Since time was now a bit of an issue I had to find a worsted weight yarn and a easier pattern.

 I found The Warm Way Shawl by Agrarian Artisan. It is a beautiful pattern made with a lovely warm wool. I went with Bernat Sequin yarn. Why? Well, budget was an issue as was time. I wanted a yarn that had a little sparkle to it. Overall, I think it turned out well and it is the one that Caroline used. I think she looks beautiful!

My biggest problem with the shawl was blocking it. I didn't have blocking wires so it didn't block out as large and the edges were not flat. Actually, the edge is more of a small ruffle. I'd love to make the pattern again with a warm, colorful wool and block it properly.

Blocking wires, or not having them, turned out to be a problem with the shawl I made for myself. I planned to wear it to the wedding, but instead used it the next day. I am going to have to re-block it and be a bit more aggressive with it. And getting some blocking wires before doing so will probably help.

I love the color and pattern. The yarn is Knit Picks Palette in the color tranquil. The pattern is Line Break by Veera Valimaki. I knit it with no problems until the end. An inch into the eyelet border I dropped two stitches. It turned into a crazy mess. I had to rip it back to the start of the eyelet section. Still, I like it a lot and once it is blocked properly I think I will use it frequently.

Three shawls made for one wedding! All great patterns resulting in lovely shawls.