Monday, April 11, 2011

Spring Has Sprung!

I received my parcel from my secret partner in the Spring Has Sprung swap on Ravelry. The best part was finding out that my secret partner just happened to be the woman I had as a swap partner in a different swap at Christmas. I love how that worked out! She said it was her turn to spoil me and she did!
The hat is knit with the wonderful Malabrigo :) and is do darn soft. There are two balls of a fabulous purple yarn (that I can't remember the name of...can you read it in the picture?) that I can't wait to knit into something special. The gum is a superb smelling mint chocolate chip that the kids are going nuts over. I've had to hide it. Post-it notes...does she know how many little notes I have written on envelopes all over this house? Finally, there is a Barnes and Noble gift card. I have yet to use it but I have a book list that is at least a mile long so it will be put to use soon!

I have loved this swap! If the mod/creator decides to do another I will sign up in a second. I am in another swap that starts in May and delivers a lace scarf in June. I recently got yarn for that and will share in another post.

The gorgeous blue scarf in these two pictures is from a woman I have never met before but has decided to give me comfort in the form of knitting. Back in December or January I was having a very sad day. I realized that never again would my mom knit something for me. From now on any knitted item would be made by me. I was on Ravelry and went into the Random Acts of Kindness group. In this group each month you have a chance to post whatever it is that you want and people can give that to you (if they want to and are able to) with no strings attached. My wish was for someone to knit me something, anything. This scarf was actually the third knitted gift I received and as I write this I've realized that I've never written about the other two. What an ungrateful person I am! I did send each person a thank you but I never wrote a blog post about it. Geez!

The first Random Acts of Kindness gift I received was a very pretty and warm scarf knit out of yarn made partially from soy beans. It is so soft and is in earth toned in color. The second gift I received was a pair of socks knit by a great woman. They are a fun green with flecks of yellow. I've worn them so many times and they have kept my feet so warm during this winter. I will be sure to get pictures of both of these other gifts on here.
The woman that knitted this blue scarf has also given me comfort in messages on Ravelry. Sometimes it is the acts of complete strangers that give us such comfort!

And in a side this picture you can totally see how much my hair has grown in since my husband shaved my head. It is spike-y and fun ;-)