Saturday, February 9, 2013

SnarkyLlama Creations

 I decided to splurge the other day on some stitch markers. Although, splurge really isn't the correct word since these stitch markers are really well priced. It was just a little treat to myself and something in which I am always in need.
 What I got was 8 handmade stitch markers from SnarkyLlama Creations. They are about a half inch in size.They fit to a size 8 needle. In fact, I have them on my sweater project right now which is on size 8's. No problems with them going over the needle.
The design I picked was coffee set #2. There are a lot of other designs, really there is something to please everyone. They arrived with a cute little bag to keep them in.

They are small and need to be kept away from liquids. I like the way they are put together because so many times with beaded ones the connecting pieces catch on my yarn.
The shipping was very fast.They made their way to me in Michigan from Florida in three days. I felt like my order was well taken care of and important to the seller. This is really important to me because of a bad experience I had buying make-up from another online seller. So yes, I recommend these!