Tuesday, September 2, 2014


Back in May (I think) I saw that a friend had signed up for Yarnbox. It is a company that each month sends out a box of yarn and a pattern. Each month there is a different yarn featured. It is a great chance to try yarn that you normally wouldn't. I was excited to try it because I find that I fall into a yarn rut of buying the same brand over and over.
The first month we got two skeins of supermerino yarn from ArtYarns. My pictures are terrible and you can't really get the true color of these yarns. At first I made SMASH and PUNY by Rebekah Darylin. I really like this pattern and I love the edgings used in it. Seriously, I love the way the edges come out. Yeah, I know...I'm weird. Anyway, while I liked the pattern it was definitely not the pattern for the yarn. I ripped it out and decided to make something for Irene with the crazy colorful yarn. 

 I made the Diamond Rib Lace Bolero by Christy Hills for Irene. It used it all but a tiny bit of the yarn. It is also super cute and perfect for Irene.
 With the jade colored yarn I made the Crooked Paths hat by Melissa LeBarre. This is one of those patterns that knits well when you use multiple stitch markers. Thankfully, I have a fair number of stitch markers that the very kind Danielle sent me (and that I wrote about a couple of posts ago). I can happily say that I made no mistakes because of the stitch markers, so I did not have to rip back any of the hat. That makes me ridiculously happy. I do not like to have to rip back knitting.
 The ArtYarn was June's Yarnbox. For July we got 2000 yards of lace weight yarn from Unique Chic Studio. I got the colorway Fresh. I normally never knit with lace weight yarn. I do have a good reason for this! Lace projects have a lot of charts and yarn overs and is so easy to mess it up and lose your place. With three kids running around I have to set aside my knitting frequently. Sometimes it is hours before I get back to it. With lace projects I lose my place as well as stitches from the needle. Still, I was surprised to find that I had several projects saved in my favorites on Ravelry that used lace weight yarn, but were not lace projects. Confused yet?
Basically, I have a shawl pattern that uses lace weight yarn but has not lace work in it at all. It does have a crazy 'suicide' ruffle that requires picking up a million stitches in order to add a ruffle to the shawl. The pattern uses 1600 yards so it would use up a fair amount of my 2000 yards of yarn.
In August our Yarnbox was actually a bag since the yarn we got was so big. We got three skeins of wool yarn from Imperial Yarn. I got what they are calling the 'greys' box. I really like this yarn. It is a thick wool that is perfect for Michigan weather. I can imagine knitting up something that I can wrap around myself as the weather gets cooler. I have a couple of different patterns in mind, but I am still undecided. It helps that Yarnbox has a group on Ravelry so I can see what other people are making with their yarn.
Sadly, I've had to put my Yarnbox subscription on hold. School started today for the kids and (shockingly!) they needed shoes and school supplies and backpacks. Also, picture day is next week and school pictures are crazy expensive. I did, however, knit them vests with their first initial on them to wear for picture day. I will post pictures of that soon.
So, I love the Yarnbox experience. I love getting the new yarns and patterns. I am hoping that I will be able to get my Yarnbox account off hold in the new year! Totally worth it :-) 


Danielle said...

LOVE that Crooked Paths!!

I had a laugh at the "suicide ruffle" mention... sounds delightful, ha ha. I don't do lace weight very well at all, so I ended up with the heavier (but disappointing) bamboo option. I haven't even looked into what to do with it. Le sigh.

Love the Imperial yarns, though. I got the greys too! I'm excited to see what you end up making with it. I've been eyeing things, but I'm waaaay too easily distracted ahahhaa

Sorry you have to put Yarnbox on hold. I'm thinking of maybe canceling it, only because I can't keep up with what comes in, and it never seems to be as much as I need for the projects I want.

I hope you can get off Yarnbox hold soon! What do you think of that Luxe they're offering? My husband almost had a coronary when he saw the price point and forbade me from trying it ahahaha - I think it's too much money anyways.

I got talkative! Sorry!

Nicole said...

I feel for your bamboo option. I was really glad I got the lace because I felt that with 2000 yards I would be able to find something for it!

As for the Luxe...yeah, way outta my price range! I like getting the yarn that I wouldn't normally try, but it does kind of box you in to what you can do with it. At least if I am buying yarn for a specific project I can get the amount and color I need. Plus, with the way things are right now, I have almost no yarn budget. Paying for the yarnbox completely eats that budget. I love sock yarn and it is a choice between buying one skein of that or buying yarnbox.

Oh well, right now I have enough knitting lined up so I won't be going without by not getting yarnbox. I'm glad I tried it though!