Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Flying Duchess

 I used the Imperial Yarn Erin that I received in the August Yarnbox to make Flying Duchess by ambah. It was an easy knit, although the cast on was 351 stitches. I used the cable cast on and a stretchy bind off that I believe is called the lacey bind off.
 The project went pretty quickly and the yarn was fine to work with. One thing I noticed was that the natural color had an odd odor to it. Even my dogs went for the natural yarn. It made my eyes water and itch if I got too close to it.

I blocked it, but the damn dogs felt I had pinned it out for them to walk and play on. I picked several t-pins out of Captain's tail hair.
I'm hoping it relaxes a bit now that it is dried and unpinned. I tried arranging it on myself and I think it looks terrible on me. I like the pattern, but for some reason I just don't like it on me. Of course, that is usually how it goes when I knit things for myself. That's why I like hats, socks, mittens and scarves so much. Those never look too awful on me.

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Danielle said...

I think it looks cute!

And you're doing better than I am. I still have July AND August's yarn sitting around because I can't pick a project.