Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Stitch You Up

 Recently I was lamenting on facebook about having almost no stitch markers. LuLu, my darling lab-mix dog, has had separation anxiety since my Tibetan Spaniel, Chang Po died. When I leave the house she eats something of mine. Usually it is something knitting related. She has eaten two notions bags, stitch holders, pair of scissors, and stitch markers.

I have a favorite brand of stitch markers, although I love almost all stitch markers, from The Snarky Llama. These stitch markers never catch on the yarn and they are lovely to look at. Unfortunately, LuLu thinks they are lovely to eat. After moaning about my dog eating my stitch markers my absolutely darling friend, Danielle sent me three different sets from Snarky Llama!! It was such an awesome surprise to get this package in the mail. I was and still am thrilled to get such a gift. Danielle is a talented knitter and she makes and sells soap and shampoo bars. I've written about her shop a couple of posts ago. Check it out her soap is terrific!
 I recently finished a project that required 10 or 12 stitch markers being in use at one time. Thankfully, I had a bunch of new ones to use!
Check out the Snarky Llama stitch markers HERE!

Check out Danielle's awesome soap, shampoo, and rugs HERE!

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