Monday, July 2, 2012

I want one in my size

Mark's cousin's daughter is having a baby in early August. I was invited to the baby shower that was being given for her, but I knew I would not be able to go to it. Instead, I knit a sweet little summer sweater for the baby. This pattern is the Abagail Sweater and is a free pattern on Ravelry. It is very similar to the February Lady Sweater.

The yarn used was EuroBaby Cuddly Cotton in a light pinkish color. I did change the closure of this sweater. I added the three buttons instead of using the band closure that the patterns calls for. It was mainly just a personal preference in doing so. I found some small buttons that were very close in color.

I sent the sweater to the shower with the grandma (soon to be great-grandma!) of the girl having the baby. At the shower one of grandma's sisters said she wanted a sweater just like this but in her size. Later that message was passed to me. I have to admit I am very flattered by the request. It means that someone thought my little baby sweater was beautiful. Of course, it does make me laugh because the amount of time that goes into making an adult sweater is a lot more than a baby one.

My plan after finishing this little sweater was to finish the 4 projects I still have on needles. Then I have a baby sweater for another friend (she's due in August, too) and after that I have two more friends that are due around December. I plan to make each a baby sweater for their little ones. Of course, I really want to make a cardigan for myself and I had a couple of patterns for the kids that I wanted to make before school starts. I really do have a lot of projects that I want to make!

I feel a little guilty for not wanting to make her a sweater. In a way I feel like I couldn't ask for her to pay for more than the yarn since she is Mark's aunt. So, for now, I am treating it as a compliment.

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Danielle McCauley said...

That baby sweater is *adorable!* I'd want one in my size too if I were here. (I actually made the February Lady in my size and discovered that it's really not a good look on a cow like myself! ^_^)

I hope you're enjoying knitting in the summer weather! Baby projects in the summer are the best!