Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Samantha's Eden

My friend's daughter recently celebrated her first birthday. I wanted to make her a gift that she could use this summer and hopefully this fall and winter. I searched Ravelry for a dress pattern that I liked and that I thought I could make with minimal complications. I also wanted it to be knit in the round because I don't like the way my seams look. I finally found the pattern, Eden's Eve by Georgie Hallam. She has a few patterns on Ravelry that are perfect for kids and come in many sizes. Eden's Eve is a longer version of Eden's Adam and you get the pattern for both when you purchase one.

I love how this little dress starts at the top and then you cast off to make the armholes and then work a little bit on each side before connecting it all again. The bottom edge can be knit with an inch of garter stitch, which is what I did, or you can do a picot edge. There are so many ways to individualize your piece. I totally recommend checking out the project pics on Ravelry. It was a great piece to knit. I am going to be making one for my daughter soon!

Eden's Adam is started the same way but is ended sooner with a ribbed edge. I want to make one for each of my kids.

I apologize for the lousy pictures. I finished the dress at 1:30am and I wanted to take pictures right away. As for the dress, it is in size 24 month and knit using two skeins of Berroco Comfort DK. I purchased the yarn online at WEBS. I was rather surprised when the yarn arrived because I thought it was a cotton or cotton blend. It is actually an acrylic and nylon yarn. It is very soft and can be washed in the washing machine.

Check out Georgie Hallam's Blog to see what she is currently working on and her other patterns and projects. There is a skirt pattern she is finishing up that I'd love to make for my daughter!

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Sassafrass said...

Oh, that's adorable! I've always loved knitting baby clothes, but I have no babies of my own, or in my family! What a pity. I'm the eldest at almost 30, and they're all waiting on me to kick it off, I guess.

I love the colors of the Berroco you chose; they're happy looking.