Monday, April 12, 2010

Knitted With Love

This baby blanket I knitted for my friend Shannon. She is expecting her first baby, a girl, in May. This blanket started off easy. I liked the pattern and it was fun to knit. Then I put it down and knitted a hat and bootie set for a friend that had her baby girl a month early. Then when I was finished with that I decided to do another set (since I was on a roll) for another friend who is also expecting a girl. Whew! I decided to take a two day break. Bad idea. I had put the blanket down for so long I forgot where I was in the pattern and ended up having to rip back three rows. I did this while riding in the car to my brother's for Easter.
At my brother's I had no time to knit and so I ended up taking another, this time unintentional, break. Monday through Friday I knitted whenever I could between kids, feedings, school, etc. I admit that at the beginning of the week I wasn't to concerned, I figured I had plenty of time. On Saturday I skipped my morning coffee in order to knit. Mark took over feeding the children and I even downloaded a stopwatch application for my phone so I could time how long it took me to do a row. It took roughly 5 minutes per row. 8 rows per pattern. 1 inch per pattern section so 40 minutes to do one section. I figured it would take about four more hours on Saturday to finish. This was around 2pm when I did all that...I finished at 8:40pm. This blanket gave me one last slap before giving in. Three rows into the ribbing three sections started making a design that was not suppose to be there! I had to rip back again. Ugh.

I think the biggest problem in this was me. I was so worried about getting it done that I went too fast and didn't pay attention. In the end I prevailed and on Sunday the finished blanket went to the baby shower with me :-)

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