Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Baby Hats and Booties

I recently had a friend deliver her baby girl a month early. The baby is fine but I was in a rush to finish this hat and bootie set for her. I had already made her a different hat and bootie set that I gave to her last summer but I wanted to do another. Plus I like this hat. I made one for Gavin in blue and it fits great and is the perfect weight for cooler weather. The fuzzy/furry thing is an Angel Baby headband. It's actually really cute on. I made one for Irene to wear at Easter in matching colors from her Easter dress.
I also made this same hat and bootie set and headband for my friend Kelly. She is also expecting a girl in about 12 weeks. I just got a lovely thank you card from her in the mail.
I'm working on a baby bonnet and booties for Shannon. After that I want to make a shawl for myself. I found a beautiful green/seafoam green colored yarn at the variety store in town. I love, LOVE the color. They only had two balls in that color and at the moment I don't have the money to get them. I plan to make a basic wrap type of shawl in that color and it will be for memememe!!!!!!! Sorry, got sidetracked by the yarn ;-)

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Land of shimp said...

Such a pretty pink, Nicole. Not in the least garish, and it looks to have just a hint of lilac in it. I do adore pink, even though my gender studies side cringes ever so slightly at my display of gender programming :-)

I can't help it. Pink is one of those thoroughly charming colors. It can be bright and aggressive, or gentle and calming.

Both the blanket and the booty set are lovely. I'm so glad your friends baby is well! What a lovely gift for her, the sort of thing you save as the kids get older, you know?

You've created something that is worth saving, a token, evidence of how much a baby entering this world was loved even before she arrived.

It's really one of the lovelier things in the world, that kind of evidence.