Tuesday, February 16, 2010

A Little Knitting Help

A couple of weeks ago we were in Grand Rapids. My husband was about to go back on the road but we had some extra time before he had to leave so we went to the mall. At Barnes and Noble I found this knitting help and project pack. It was originally priced at $22.95. I got it for $6.95!
Inside is 25 knitting projects, a book of instructions, plus a blunt end needle. I am thrilled with this purchase! It has a baby blanket pattern that is going to be my neck project after the Knitting Olympics is over. My friend will be having a baby in less than 15 weeks so I will have to move fast!

When I was at the counter buying this the saleswoman asked me if I knitted. I said I did and she told me about the knitting group that was meeting that night at the bookstore. They meet every other Tuesday night. Oh, how I wished I could have joined them! Unfortunately, living two hours away prohibits that.


Land of shimp said...

A fun project, and a bargain score in one! Well done, Nicole. I like the new blog here, it's very cheerful, and colorful! By the way, I know several people who are big knitters (meanwhile, the only knitting I ever did turned into an oddly shaped scarf, back when I was eight)...and they belong to some knitting message boards out there.

Run a search, or drop me a line and I'll round up some for you if you aren't sure how to. Just because you can't meet at a bookstore, doesn't mean you can't find a community of knitters to join. Who knows? You might find a knitting buddy or two nearby :-)

Just search "Knitting Message Boards" (*realizes I can open another window and get you started, so hold the screen for a moment*):

Here's one that seems to be pretty well established:


I checked and there are very recent posts, so it's still active. Just saying, if you want to get some company here, and find other knitters to blog with, that's a good place to start :-)

Blogs are so difficult to search for content.

Heh, and I just noticed your live traffic feed, I'm your Littleton visitor :-) Helllllooo from Colorado!

Nicole said...

Hello! Thank you so much for your encouragement! I appreciate the knitting forum...if I ever get this baby into bed I will be checking it out.
I currently have two scarf projects going and am about to start a baby blanket. Henry wants to knit with me and I think I am going to give him a little bit to knit. My grandma did it for me when I was so young. I lusted knitted a block but it got me going :)