Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Babies, Babies Everywhere!

Once again, I had a bunch of baby knitting to do! My sweet friend, Jamie, had another adorable daughter in August. Since it was so hot in August, I waited, and made two little sweaters that she could wear once the weather cooled off.
 The first sweater was the Pretty Baby Sweater and I used Caron Simply soft yarn in a lovely mint green. I was lucky and found three buttons in almost the same color . Since the borders of this sweater are all in seed stitch I wanted to find a hat that used it as well. The Pixie Hat has a face framing border of seed stitch while the band that goes around the neck is knitted.  
 The other little sweater I made, also out of Caron Simply Soft, was the Baby Boy Five Hour Sweater. I don't know why they named it as a boy sweater. It is cute for either a girl or a boy. I used the Poppy hat pattern to match the ridges on the sweater. Cute little pearl buttons finished off both patterns.
 By the time I got to the next baby being born I was rather tired of baby sweaters. I'd had this pattern in my favorites on Rav for quite a while and decided to finally use it. It is Mrs. Brak's Drawstring Bottom Baby Kimono with Raglan Shaping. Cute, simple and perfect for a boy or girl. The three buttons are actually teddy bears, so cute! I used Sirdar Snuggly Dk in a mint green for it. The yarn was actually gifted to me in an RAK on Ravelry. I received two huge boxes of DK weight yarn and I've been putting it to use!
My friend, Ann, went into labor on Black Friday which was a month before her due date. Thankfully, her sweet baby girl was healthy and happy. She has been having trouble with her bilirubin and is using a biliblanket at home. She even wears this outfit while doing so. This time I wanted to do pink and white stripes. It went fine until the piece went to knitting in the round. I used a jogless stripe method for the color changes, but I could still see them and it drives me batty. The hat is the pattern For Eliana. For this ensemble the yarn used was Lion Brand Babysoft. It was also part of the huge RAK of DK weight yarn. The bootie pattern is Evening Baby Booties that is an old pattern that Danielle shared on her blog. Very easy and very cute!

Since May I have knit for 5 babies. I gotta admit I am tired of the baby patterns. Plus, it is hard to tell if the people like what they are getting. Some people send thank you cards, some tell you thank you and tag you in pictures on Facebook of their babies actually wearing the stuff, and some don't even acknowledge that you've sent them something. I love seeing the babies in the gifts I knitted. I've made it for them to use and that is the best thank you.

Still, I'm tired of little buttons. I'm ready to knit some stuff for myself. I just have to get through the few gifts I am knitting for Christmas. I've cut the list way down this year, but I do have a few things. Then I am making myself a sweater. Yippee!!

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