Friday, October 7, 2011

Sideways Grand Cloche

I received some Moda Vera Mousse in a deep forest green that I wanted to knit. It was a gift from my sweet friend in Australia. I went on Ravelry and looked up the yarn then went through the projects that had been made with this yarn. This is a feature I LOVE about Ravelry. When I saw that someone had made the Sideways Grand Cloche with this yarn I was thrilled. I love this pattern and have wanted to make it for a while. Then I discovered it was a pattern from a book. Sad face. Due to those fun circumstances that suddenly get thrown at us, I am on a yarn and book buying hiatus. Then it finally dawned on me...the library!
In our new town our library is part of the bigger library system of the entire big county. It is something like 18 or so libraries. They have a lot of books. I looked up Boutique Knits: 20 Must-Have Accessories by Laura Irwin. The library had it and even better, the library in my town had it! Since I am about a block from the library I immediately ran over to get it.

The pattern tells you to knit the hat starting with size 10 needles and working so many inches before changing to size 9 then a few inches later changing to size 8. Again, so many inches later then change to size 7. On Ravelry I read the notes others have made about their hats. I decided to follow one modification that a lot of people had made. I used just the size 9 needles and only cast on 36 stitches. This made the hat smaller but I love the way it fits! I want to make another in different yarn and this time I think I would knit it with size 10 needles. For the twisted part I want to try doing another version I saw on Ravelry. Several people made a braided twist and I think it looks cute. Unfortunately, I'm waiting for my "ship" to come in so I can get some more yarn to try this.
Still, I am so pleased with this hat and I can't wait to wear it. Of course, wouldn't you know that as soon as I finished it we are suddenly having a heat wave!

I do recommend checking out the book. There are two more hat patterns I want to make and I've renewed the book again. I really don't want to give it back to the library.

Out of the two pictures, the second one is more accurate in the color. As soon as it is not 80 degrees out I'm going to get a picture of me wearing it.

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