Sunday, May 15, 2011

A long time...

It has been a long time since I've written. Unfortunately, my computer got a nasty virus from one of the knitting blogs that I read. It ate my computer. A new hard drive was needed. Not good and I have been afraid to read any blogs since then. I can't afford to replace my computer and I can't stand to be without it!
I have done some knitting. A week before Easter I decided Gavin had to have his cardigan made so that all three kids could wear them on Easter. It was a mad week of knitting squished into the everyday craziness, but I got it done! The pattern is the Seed Stitch Cardigan from Lion Brand Yarn and is knit with Lion Brand Cotton-Ease.

Easter Sunday morning. Gavin had not been feeling well for the few days before Easter so we stayed in town. It is hard to get the three of them to sit still.

My cool kids wearing their matching sunglasses inside. It was an interesting breakfast. Irene managed to dump her entire plate of food on the floor.

Finally Gavin has a cardigan! He looks good in it too ;-)

I recently got some yarn from Webs. Lots of very soft and nice cotton. I am making some lacy scarves as thank you gifts. At first, I wasn't happy with Webs. This order took a week to get here. Then I managed to tangle the sage colored yarn into such a mess that I finally had to give it up. I ordered the same sage yarn but added two balls of Rowan wool cotton to the order. That order was here in two days.

I just got some more yarn from them for two dresses I plan to make. One will be for Irene and the other for my friend's little girl. I don't have the correct needle sizes to start them and the store in town didn't have them either. I am going a little nuts without knitting!

Recently I participated in a dishcloth swap. I sent these two dishcloths to Germany. The bright blue one is a lighthouse and the yellow is a sun. I thought it was appropriate since I live in a town with a beautiful lighthouse.

These dishcloths were the ones I received from a woman in Arkansas. I love them!

I also tried knitting Yvaine by Liz...shoot. I can't remember her last name. I can feel it just out of my reach, bumping around in my head. If you are on Ravelry, she is the one that designed Traveling Woman and Saroyan. For this pattern I used sock yarn I had sitting around. Unfortunately, I didn't have enough and it is no where near the size it is suppose to be. I'm thinking of frogging it.

I decided to help out in a swap that I hadn't participated in and made an "angel" package for a woman that never received her swap package from her partner. It had been over six months and no one had been willing to do it. I knitted a pattern from her favorites and added some U.S. yarn that she likes. Plus, I added some extras from my town. I just shipped it out so no pictures to add until she gets it. The package is making its way to the UK.

I've got some yarn store stories to share as well. I will save those for the next post as well as the fabulous Michigan made yarn that I was lucky to get.

Until then, Happy Knitting!


Sassafrass said...

Those cardigans for the kids are *adorable.* Really. I love them. I wish I had kids so I could dress them in adorable cardigans like that. And how brilliant to use Cotton Ease. Do you like it very much? I LOVE it even though it's part acrylic.

I'm glad to see you're back. Those virii can be nasty little buggers, can't they?

Nicole said...

I'm glad to be back! I'm knitting like crazy but I'm having a heck of a time finding a certain sized circ needle. Three stores and no one has it. Weird.

I happen to like the Cotton Ease. It is soft but durable. Good combination for kids!