Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Yes, Another Hat.

Yup, another hat. This one is knit using the lovely Malabrigo worsted weight yarn. I love the yarn and have all kinds of projects I'd love to knit using it. The pattern is what I call my Big Button Hat (although the button isn't that big!). The pattern starts off on straight needles. You knit the seed stitch section on the straights then join on a circular needle.
I've been knitting a lot but it has been for a springtime swap that I'm participating in on I started three different patterns before I found one I liked. Finally sent my package out yesterday. As soon as my partner gets it I will post pictures and information about it here. Of course, I forgot to take pictures of the extra goodies that I included. I'm just glad to have remembered to take pictures of the knitted item!

More to come!


Sassafrass said...

Love the color! Especially on you! And Malabrigo.... drool. What a great choice.

You seem confident to sign up for those swaps! I never think the things I knit/crochet are good enough to give away, ha ha.

Nicole said...

Awww! Thank you! I love Malabrigo and I want to knit sheets out of it!

As for the swaps, believe me, I have anxiety about sending my knitting to other knitters. The people are usually pretty great and since we have all levels of experience you get a lot of understanding. Of course, some people flake out and just drop out...which is what my partner did but I'll give the full details of that in my next post.

The next swap that I'm in is for a Victorian lace scarf. Everyone knits the same thing, you send to a partner and that person sends to you. You can add more goodies to your parcel. The scarf can be done in any yarn and in any color so you personalize it to your partner. That swap is still open and it would be a great way to start!